Friday, May 24

Get a Super Bod with These 3 Tools
Get a Super Bod with These 3 Tools
By Laura Lewis, Life Balance Expert & The HypNutritionist

When I was in college, I did this crazy thing. I was a junior at a large University, studying food and nutrition and pursuing everything related to being fit and healthy. A friend of mine told me about this pre-med student guy who had done some work with hypnosis. He was looking for some guinea pigs, and she asked if I wanted to meet him. Always game for trying something new, I met him and after some discussion decided that we would do a hypnosis session so I could lose the 10 pounds I’d gained while in school. I reclined on a nearby sofa and closed my eyes while my girlfriend who tagged along sat quietly nearby.
“Ten, nine, eight, you’re getting more relaxed, seven, six, more deeply relaxed now, five, four”... z z z z z. What I recall is slipping into a very relaxed state and conjuring up an image (per his suggestion) of my ideal self at an ideal weight, which was 10 pounds less than my weight at the time. I envisioned myself happy, content, feeling fit, alive, walking through a field with tall grass, a spring dress with a tiny flower print, draped across my thinner, lithe body, my hair blowing in the wind and sunshine warming my skin. When I came out of the hypnotic state, the image “stuck” in my sub-conscious and conscious mind. The experience had such a profound impact on me that decades later, I believe it’s easier for me to stick to a healthy way of life because I still see and feel that vision.  Read the rest of the original article here on Laura's media website. 

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