Read what some of Laura's past clients have to say about her HypNutrition® coaching services. 

"I originally went to Laura Lewis for help with weight management, but I soon realized that I had found someone who is so much more than simply a nutritionist.  By combining hypnotherapy with her vast knowledge of health and wellness, Laura was able to help me find inner peace, which has translated into outer happiness. Always encouraging and joyful, Laura is dedicated to helping others find their best selves." ~Victoria S, Eagle Rock, California

"Laura is passionate about nutrition education and hypnosis motivation.  I came to Laura when I was at a crossroad, I had performance anxiety that had a crippling effect on my career as a singer.  I also had a problem with overeating.  With her immense nutrition background she helped me get on track with my food and also helped me get moving physically.  My experience and growth in performing again has been life changing.  My sessions with Laura have been a haven, a fruitful ground helping me to overcome paralyzing fear over performing in public.  In a few short months with Laura, I have been performing in public again and it has been amazing how my audiences have responded to my singing.  I have another solo coming up and I am ready and it is all because of my work and sessions with Laura.  Also, she always gives you personal attention and input between sessions.  She is always there for you.  I recommend her to anyone needing support and wishing to overcome any obstacles that may come your way.  Laura is the BEST!" ~Catherine C., Glendale, California

"Thank you for being so caring and always available to answer my questions. I learned so much from you and I am eternally grateful for your help. I've had such a love-hate relationship with food all my life and finally I have learned, not only how to eat and how my body assimilates food, but I feel I'm more balanced now and my gut issues are healed! Thank you for teaching me my body works. If everyone had someone like you telling them this information, they would definitely end their yoyo days. The hypnotherapy also worked like a charm! I haven't had sweet cravings since our first session! Incredible. I'm still working on losing the rest of the weight I've gained, and that's ok because this is the healthiest way to do it. This time it'll be for good. Thank you Laura!" ~Miranda M., Hollywood, California

"After only 4 sessions with Laura, my life has changed for the better. I have suffered from an incurable chronic pain condition that in short, had my brain misfiring pain signals. Laura was extremely compassionate and worked towards understanding the condition and its effects on me, before truly developing a series of sessions to aid in my pain control. Not only have I had more relief than I have in the past 8 years, but she has guided me into an inspiring way of life." ~Maureen S., Santa Monica, California

"I have consulted Laura for hypnotherapy a couple of times now to help me with my performance anxiety in situations when I am asked to play my guitar (I’m an acoustic finger style guitarist).  After my first session with Laura, I played “Amazing Grace” almost flawlessly and with confidence at a very formal Memorial held at an elegant resort hotel in Palos Verdes.  After my second session with Laura, I won 2nd Place Prize in the Topanga Folk Festival Contest (in the finger style guitar category), playing for a crowd that exceeded 1,000 people.  I could not have done this without Laura’s help.  She is an artist and a professional, with a style that commands results.  I’m fortunate to have found her." Jill Fenimore, Palms, California

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