HypNutrition® Private Coaching

Laura Lewis, the creator of the HypNutrition® workshops and individual coaching services, offers hypnosis & vitality coaching sessions via virtual video appointments on Zoom or Skype to her global clientele. Using powerful tools such as imagery and hypnosis as well as motivation and nutrition education, Laura is able to successfully support clients dealing with a wide range of issues including boosting self-confidence, changing habits, quitting smoking, overcoming fears and phobias, weight-loss issues, improving memory, improving sports performance, lowering stress, nail-biting, stage fright, performance anxiety, hopelessness, sleep disorders, study habits, exam anxiety, self-defeating behaviors, relationship enhancement, public speaking, memory, forgiveness, grief recovery, relaxation, career success, anger, self-image, fear of flying, fear of animals, irritability, pessimism, reaching goals, and more.  For further information, cost of services, book speaking engagements, or media appearances, contact Laura directly by completing the contact form to the right. Or call 310-734-8356

Hypnosis Session * Each session is 60 to 75 minutes in length.  
*Virtual hypnotherapy sessions are offered to assist in weight loss, smoking cessation, alleviating stress, nail-biting, improvement of sleep, life enhancement, grief & loss, motivation for success, boost confidence, sports performance, pain relief, creative arts, and relaxation. 
* Hypnotherapists are not licensed healing arts practitioners. Some medical conditions require a physician's referral.
HypNutrition® for Weight Loss 
Combining a sound nutritional weight loss plan along with optional imagery and hypnotherapy techniques. 

To obtain further information on Laura's services or to book an appointment, please complete the contact form by clicking HERE Or reach out by phone at: 310-734-8356. Laura is available for virtual sessions via Zoom or Skype. 

Laura is also available for media interviews and group presentations. Customized HypNutrition® classes available for groups. Customized corporate HypNutrition® packages are available. 

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